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I am a graphic designer who loves her life, family and friends. I try to find inspiration in everyday life, because if I couldn’t, I would probably die of boredom. I enjoy a stiff drink and lounging by the water at the lake. I eat green beans out of a can and nothing is better than a McDonald’s Coke. My husband would tell you I am messy, I call it organized chaos. If you can’t find me, most likely I will be at the grocery store. That is sad, I know. A sense of humor is a must. My son brings me all kinds of joy that I can’t even put words to. I do not believe in font lists. I wish I was as stylish as Jackie O. and as cool as Margot Tenenbaum. My favorite color is green and my favorite time to design is in the middle of the night, when the house is quiet and still. I grew up on the water but am afraid to dive. I dream of a day when I win the lottery and can take everyone on European vacation. I LOVE my job.

All headshots taken by Aruna B Photography

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